Les P’tits Montagn’Arts

A TEAM OF PEDAGOGUES invested in each discipline with the desire to transmit their passion to the children in a holiday atmosphere.

A specific training programme each week is offered to children from 6 to 14 years old divided into age groups and levels.

The child will be looked after all day long and will come with a picnic and clothes adapted to the various activities.

The courses are organised in accordance with the recommended sanitary rules.

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PARMELAN – 27th TO 31st JULY – DINGY SAINT CLAIR “Dance & Arts

A week dedicated to the arts in a Zen and mountain setting.

SEMNOZ – AUGUST 3 TO 7 – ANNECY “Dance & Percussion” ANNECY “Dance & Percussion

Week dedicated to choreographic and musical arts.

MONTVEYRIER – AUGUST 3 TO 7 – ANNECY “Hip hop & skate”

A week of FUN with the practice of HIP HOP and break dance at ARTYS in the morning and skateboard lessons at the skatepark of Annecy le vieux in the afternoon.

ARAVIS – AUGUST 3 TO 7 – ANNECY “Sailing & dance

The sailing schools of Annecy and Annecy le Vieux welcome us to sail on the turquoise waters of the lake, then the ARTYS dance school opens its doors to us for dance classes.


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