Since May 1, 2015 the entry visa is abolished in Senegal. Africa and its mysteries… Who has never dreamed of infinite deserts, equatorial jungles, a small hut on the edge of a lake where gazelles come to drink and where hippopotamuses frolic? Senegal is all this and much more! From the legendary Dakar to the sandy stretches of the Sahel, from the colonial Saint-Louis to the Saloum Delta, not forgetting Joal Fadiouth and the Bassari Country, it is a country like nowhere else. A thousand-year-old, mixed history, which makes the pride of its inhabitants, warm and generous, precious witnesses of the legendary African hospitality, where the traveller will always find a mat and a memorable welcome. Ethnic groups intertwine, cultures merge, the ever-present sun illuminates the hearts, the smile and the charm of a people fill you with wonder.

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Senegal offers a very rich flora, but also gives you a glimpse of the African fauna with safaris in parks or wildlife reserves, where life is developing at breakneck speed, between steppe, savannah, forest and river, adapting to all conditions! Finally, this country also has an extraordinary heritage, whether artistic, culinary or historical, and you will be sure to discover so much that only one desire will remain at the time of departure: to return, as soon as possible! So, when is your next trip to Senegal?

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