GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE                                                                                                                                        RETURN TO MY ACCOUNT

Products and services ordered or reserved through the website

The function of the EURL ” ALPHONSE GOMIS ” is to assist the client in the search, reservation and ordering of products and services of sports, leisure and cultural activities offered for sale by the partners, according to the criteria defined by the client in his requests.
The sports, cultural and leisure activities presented on the website ” BSE Tavel ” are proposed by EURL ALPHONSE GOMIS (BSE Travel Emotion) on behalf of its partners.
The EURL ALPHONSE GOMIS (BSE Travel Emotion) acts only as an intermediary, third party to the contractual relationship between the client and the partner, and cannot be held responsible for the services concerned, which are carried out under the sole responsibility of its partners.
The services are proposed according to several themes and headings: either from a water, air, earth theme, according to the nature of the activity or according to the destination.
A number of search options are available to guide the customer in their search. The site also offers the customer the possibility of ordering a tailor-made service through a “tailor-made reservation” section.
Each activity is presented on the site by means of a short description summarising its main characteristics and one or more photographs illustrating the content of the activity.
The photos accompanying the description of the activities on the site are not contractual.
The customer acknowledges that the information published on the site has enabled him/her to know the essential characteristics of the service or product ordered.

Withdrawal: Pursuant to Article L-121-20-4 3rd of the Consumer Code, the withdrawal period for distance selling (7 clear days) does not apply to the provision of transport, accommodation, catering and leisure services which must be provided on a specific date or at a specific time. Consequently, and in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions, the customer accepts and acknowledges that the 7-day withdrawal period does not apply to the services and products ordered by him. The customer may however cancel his order, at the latest within 7 days of its confirmation, by paying a cancellation fee of 20% of his order and the fixed costs corresponding to the actions carried out for the reservation. After the above-mentioned period, no order can be reimbursed.

Delivery: The delivery takes place at the date of the realization of the partners of BSE Tavel Emotion, of the services proposed to the reservation and ordered to BSE Tavel Emotion, that is to say at the date of realization of the activity or the ordered stay.

Responsibility: The client recognizes and accepts that BSE Tavel Emotion is only responsible as a service provider for the reservation and ordering of services offered by its partners. Its responsibility can only be engaged towards the client with regard to the technical modalities of the reservation and the order of the said products and services. Under no circumstances shall its liability be incurred in respect of the sale itself and the delivery of the services offered for sale, which are the exclusive responsibility of its partners. Any action and legal recourse of a civil, commercial or penal nature relating to the sale and delivery of the services offered, and in particular relating to the delivery in conformity, or guarantee of hidden defects or safety of the products and services offered, can only be effectively implemented against the partners, sellers and providers of the services ordered.

Availability of services: The services presented in the document are available and managed in real time. It is therefore brought to the attention of the client that the services presented at a certain price may become unavailable. If a reservation cannot be honoured due to the unavailability of the product, the client will be informed by email, and the service ordered by the client will be immediately replaced or refunded at 100%.

Rates : The prices in force are those published on the website or document established and mentioning the provisional budget of the order with validation from BSE Travel Emotion. The prices indicated on the website or the document are expressed in euros including VAT (applicable rate of 20%). All orders are payable in Euros. The service provider is entitled to modify its prices at any time, without prior notice, and without incurring any liability as a result. The new prices are applicable on the date of publication on the document. In the event of a material error in the indication of prices in the document, the Provider reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the Client and to reimburse the full amount paid, without entitling the Client to any compensation.

Invoicing: An electronic invoice will be sent by email to the client upon effective payment of the order.

Terms of payment: The payment of the price will be made under the conditions mentioned below and will be considered as proof of the customer’s consent to the order, in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the Civil Code. All prices are established in Euros. All payments must be made in Euros. Bank charges related to the payment method used shall be borne by the customer, who expressly agrees to do so. At the time of ordering, a 20% deposit or the full amount of the order will be charged to the credit card. In the event of cancellation of the operation, 20% representing the deposit will not be refunded. The balance and any additional services will be invoiced after the event, with payment due on receipt of the invoice. Any delay in payment on the dates mentioned in the invoice will result in the cancellation of all services managed by BSE Travel Emotion and the retention of any sums already received.

Mediation: After having referred the matter to the management of BSE Travel Emotion and in the absence of a satisfactory response or in the absence of a response within 60 days, the client may refer the matter to the MMA PRO-PME mediator, whose contact details and procedures for referral are available on its website: www

The insurer MMA IARD Assurances Mutuelles – MMA IARD SA certifies that: EURL ALPHONSE GOMIS (BSE Travel Emotion) has taken out the MMA PRO-PME insurance contract n° 000000144174514 for the following activity: Resale of sports activities.